November 17, 2006

Almost there. Lay awake this morning with lists running through my head.

Which is a nice traditional activity. Unlike much of this trip. This is the first time I’ve done the backpacking thing in this age of blogs and digital cameras and everyone having email. I’ve been backpacking, or on big international trips involving a backpack, four times before: after A-Levels (1989); for a seven week trip to Pakistan during univeristy (1991); after university (1994-1995); and after moving away from Newcastle (1997),  before I came to live in London. Even on that last jaunt I was still sending people postcards and writing letters with blue airmail stationery; and developing rolls of film.

Gawd knows how the digital version of such communication and image-sharing will compare. Friends who have been backpacking lately tells me even the most obscure parts of the world have an internet cafe. Is this a good thing? How does communication vary now it’s less about personal letters etc? I’ve always had a problem with group emails from friends overseas, I generally don’t read them; how is a blog different? Will anyone read it? Does anyone care?

I’d better post this pronto as our home internet connection is getting cut off imminently, as we’re flying out tomorrow (Saturday 18 Nov). No home broadband bills – yay! No more obscene fleecing by BT.

Some thoughts on the above questions to follow presumably…

Just on a final note – turned on WordPress’s spellcheck and it doesn’t like the word “blog”. Heh.


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