Mexican wave of nausea

December 24, 2006

Took a jet catamaran from mainland Thailand to the island of Kao Tao this morning (after an overnight bus journey, which itself followed a flight down to Bangkok from Hanoi).

A late monsoon gave rise to oversized unseasonal swell. Much vomiting ensued. In fact, the cabin featured something like a Mexican wave of nausea as one person retched and ejected into their wee plastic bag, setting off the next person and so and so forth.

I choked up bile (peanut flavoured, thanks to a cookie I’d eaten. No more peanut cookies thanks), wimpered and moaned with the best of them. Fran didn’t. She focussed on the horizon and was totally tough.

Happy Christmas!

We hear the weather is going to get worse, so we might be stuck here as the three different ferry companies wimp out and we get commensurate anxiety.

Happy New Year!


4 Responses to “Mexican wave of nausea”

  1. PAUL Says:

    Such happy memories of the start of the trip, only colourful images of the other end this time. I dread to think what’ll have been posted to the photo library

  2. Nick Says:

    Happy Christmas Dan & Fran -peanut flavoured bile sounds great.

    Nick & Amani & Jimbob & Sparks

  3. Peanut bile wasn’t great.

    What’s more, we’ve got the return journey tomorrow.

    Still, great day today, found a nice wee bay and did some good snorkelling.

    Don’t worry bro, no vomiting-related pics on Flickr. Fran was too busy trying to not be sick to take pics of me being sick..

  4. Missy A Says:

    Happy Christmas Dan & Fran — and here’s to a bile-free New Year!

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