Back in the Western world. And it’s Manly

January 3, 2007

And it’s really full of massive people. After being in SE Asia, all these Aussies look like giants, especially the huge, buff, good-looking surfer types in Manly.

Not that I’m intimidated or anything. Nope, not at all.
My fit tanned sister (and accommodatig landlady) Rachel is in her element here. Even if those elements are a bit weird at the moment – should be sunny and 40C, but it’s rain one minute, sun the next. And lots of wind. Not mine, I hasten to add.

Anyway – Manly. Supposedly, it got its name because the whites who first arrived at the beach were impressed by the local males’ physiques. Is that true? I think my mum read it somewhere.

Anyways, we had a nice, chilled new years, have met lots of Rach’s cool buddies, and even though I’ve not started any surfing lessons, I’ve been active. Mentally at least – I’ve come up with a few potential inventions. One is for surfers who lack the upper body strength to paddle out through the waves – it’s a tiny ‘outboard’ motor, powered by solar panels on the board. The other is a domestic cattle prod, for recalcitrant, drunken boyfriends who are taking ages to walk home from the pub/party.

Just a few thoughts. Any venture capitalists who are interested, please contact me here.


5 Responses to “Back in the Western world. And it’s Manly”

  1. Helen Etherington Says:

    I did definitely read it and did not make up my comment on Manly!

    Think those are two ideas with great potential and should be taken up by someone with lots of vision and money.

    See you soon. Cant wait.

  2. Lawrence Says:

    One thing that’s interesting to notice is that since you’ve arrived in Oz the rate of your posts have reduced. Is that because:
    1. Australia is boring?
    2. You’re meeting more friends/family and have less time?
    3. You have run out of things to say?
    4. Australia doesn’t have any computers?
    5. You are lying bound and gagged in a ditch?

    (Same thing happened to us though, suddenly we didn’t find ourselves diving into the nearest internet cafe wanting to bash out your daily experience, which was a bit disappointing on reflection)

  3. Glad to hear it’s true Ma.

    Hey L – yeah, trying to have a big sess this morning in Kings Cross as we’ve got a bit behind. Partly as we’ve been hanging out with my sister, and my folks just arrived, but also I guess cos… I dunno, everything was just easier in Asia, backpackery-facilities-wise. Easier and so much cheaper.

    Oh, and we went to the Blue Mountains for three days and didn’t really fancy going online (plus, Manly’s best price was $2.2 an hour, here we’ve found $1 an hour, but in Katoomba it was like $5 an hour!).

    Hm, and, I dunno, apropos no. 1, it’s not boring, but it is very western and English speaking and full of white people, so there’s not so much that constantly strikes you as radically culturally different to what you’re used to. Or something like that.

    Er, something like that.

  4. Lawrence Says:

    Totally agree, danger is that you don’t see through a tourists eyes because it’s all very familiar. There’s a really good Italian coffee place in King’s Cross, can’t remember the name but it had red stools outside and pictures of boxers on the walls. Wendi’s flat is there (the one she rents) so if you fancied some chaos you could meet up with her. Glad you made it to the Blue Mountains. We didn’t spend much time there but it is a beautiful part of the world.

  5. Been in Kings X/Pott’s Point the past few days – loads of good cafes, many of which seemed to be staffed by Italians!

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