January 27, 2007

Well, we’re nearly at the end of our time in Australia, and I’m feeling very emotional. Tired and emotional too – haven’t slept especially well for ages. But mostly just plain old emotional, as the past four weeks has involved spending a lot of time with my sister and parents, or at least knowing they’re nearby in the same country/state/city.

THe family

It’s made be oddly homesick to spend time with them, even though we’re in (mostly) sunny Sydney (and everyone at home has been reporting on the crazy winds and snowfall). We’re only a third of so into our trip, but it’ll be hard to do big goodbyes again, and head off on our own again.

Still feel like there’s so much I want to do here too. In Manly even (wish I’d dived here), let alone Sydney, NSW or the rest of this boggling massive nation.

Talking of the nation, it was Australia Day yesterday, a very nice national holiday that just seemed to involve families hitting the beach and hanging out. That and crazed fit Aussies getting up at the crack to race around in longboats and on kneeboards. Looked out of the window of my sister’s flat yesterday at 7am to see Freshwater Bay full of people rushing around on kneeboards.

Most exertion I managed was a walk through the bush on North Head, curving down to Shelly Beach, where I did some fab snorkelling. Even just a few metres out, saw pretty big blue grouper, maybe a snapper, this and that. Very nice. Then in the evening we went to Balmoral to the Bathers Pavillion – another lovely spot. Sydney Harbour is a pretty amazing place for a major city to sit.

Anyways, on the beasties front, planning to go to the zoo this afty, as it’s renowned. Lazing/frying on the beach is also appealing, but as we missed Singapore zoo, I feel we ought to. And hey, not see any marsupials yet!


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