Mad March Hare

March 30, 2007

Seem to be rushing around heaps at the moment, with ne’er a moment to do any blogs. Loads of stuff I want to write about, but by the time I get to a PC, days or weeks have passed and other subjects have presented themselves.

All this rushing has for the most part been for just the right reason. After the diving with Nick and Amani, Fran and I went to Rotorua for a few days on our own. It’s the number one tourist location in the North Island, so my South Island snob came out. However, it’s a fascinating place – for its history and its geothermal characteristics (defined superficially by the eggy stink that hangs over the town).

We hooked up with Nick and Amani, plus Nicks’s cousins Annie and Karsten and respective partners Quintin and Jaime, in National Park, a funny little village just outside Tongariro National Park. The reason? To do the much-vaunted Tongariro Crossing one-day walk. It’s certainly an awesome hike, even with 2000 others doing it (hiking in a queue effectively, but it wasn’t so bad – nothing could mar the majestic scenery). Anyways, Fran’s written an excellent entry on the experience so there’s no point me covering the same ground. Read Fran’s entry on our Volcanic Action here.

Anyways, we’re back on the South Island now, or on the Mainland as it used to be called when Dunedin was bigger than Auckland. Sitting in a web place with a disconcerting air-raid siren going off. It’s like Silent Hill. But not so gloomy. And with less monsters.

Bit of a rush back from the north, partly as we wanted to get back to my Mainland ‘home’, but also because our car needed its Warrant of Fitness renewed. Except it failed. Cue a day of rushing around trying to get it sorted, cheaply as possible (a cheap banger really doesn’t merit too much spent on it). Seems alright now, but then we noticed we’d actively confused the Warrant date with the Registration renewal date, so we had to rush off to sort that too. All set now. Phew.

Just had another head shave to ease the pressure. (Stressy, kinda muggy today, me getting worked up, etc.)

Oh, and also been getting worked up by my sodding Zen Vision M music player. It’s a dandy bit of kit in a lot of ways, but these manufacturers really do take the wee. Not only do they not supply a mains charger when you buy it, getting hold of such a charger is a right palaver. They assume you can just plug its USB/mini-USB/daffy extra adapter thing into a PC’s powered USB socket every time you need to recharge. Riiiight, that’s convenient when you’re on the road.

Anyways, the mains charger I bought died, so I tried to buy another. Unable to (unsurprisingly), so I got a USB mains charger. That didn’t work. So I tried it on Sara’s Mac laptop. That didn’t work(though it should, in principle). So now trying to snaffle a bit of charge from this PC in a random Motueka web place. For crying out loud. Creative, you’re having a laugh. Gah.

We need pies.

Kia ora.



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