Running out of dosh

May 16, 2007

Having a great time in Mexico – especially now we’re out of Mexico City, but we’re nibbling bits off out trip now as we’re running out of cash. Sydney really knocked us as it´s so pricey, and we stayed a bit long in NZ. I love the place, and it’s cheaper than Australia, but despite spending loads of time staying with friends we seemed to blow our budget. Blowing one’s budget is just all too easy. Especially with our indulgent jaunts into Fiji and San Francisco. But hey, it’s not like we’ve wasted any money. Well, not much. A bit of jiggery pokery with air tickets was an irritating use of money.

Mexico is my no means as cheap as India or SE Asia, in part due to its closeness to and links with the US (plenty of American tourists come here with plenty of dollars for starters), but we’re just about managing to both stretch our remaind funds and live well. In the beautiful if troubled (indicated by the amounts of grafitti throughout the centro historico) Oaxaca city we’ve stayed in a wonderful hotel called Los Mariposas (“butterflies”), with a calm courtyard for escaping the heat of the sun and eaten well on tlayudas (kinda like pizzas but with a large tortilla topped with frijoles – bean sauce – then stringy local cheap, and some avo and tomato). It’ll be hard to move on. I can see why our friends Jamie and Lou lived here and loved it. Wish we could have stayed longer and done some language classes – my Spanish is embarassing and I dont get on terribly well with Michel Thomas.

Hi ho. Off on a night bus tomorrow into Zapatista territory – Chiapas. Fingers crossed no bandidos target our bus…


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