Grand Theft Coca-Cola

June 12, 2007

Despite my contempt for the Coca-Cola brand, I was quite tickled by their new Grand Theft Auto spoof advert, which we saw in the cinema today.

Basically, it inverts the behaviour GTA is critised for. A Tommy Vercetti style character is seen riding around a GTA-esque urban environment. He buys a Coke, he pulls a guy out of a car… then gives him a Coke too. He gives a busker a wad of cash. He helps a security guard struggling with sacks of cash. He knocks down a mugger and returns an old lady’s handbag. He grooves along as all around him the usual victims instead become part of a dance routine to a song that goes “You give a little love and it all comes back to you.”

Sure, it’s cheesey, but it’s well done, and funny if you’re a GTA fan tired of the games’ relentless negative portrayals.

Here it is


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