Or not…

June 12, 2007

We’re trying to move onwards, but seem to be somewhat stuck in Toronto. Tried to change our BA flight home, but they told us to ring QANTAS. Couldn’t reach them, their number just took us to an eternal limbo of hold music and exasperation. Half hour in: “please, just answer…”; hour in: “damn you, there must be a human in your call centre”; hour and a half in: “you ****ing *******s, answer the ****ing phone, how ****ing hard can it be?”. Suffice to say, we gave up and instead decided to go to the office, as listed in the Yellow Pages.

We went there this morning. It was a residential apartment builing, with not an office in sight. Tomorrow – we venture forth once more into that chilly purgatory of lost souls seeking the comfort of a modicum of customer service.


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