Floods and a funeral

June 25, 2007

It’s rainy. It’s rainy a lot. I realise we had two years of less than average rainfall over 2005 and 2006, which left us with heavily depleted reservoirs and hosepipe bans, but this is getting silly. It’s supposed to be the summer. I thought, coming back from our travels, at least it wouldn’t be too traumatic as at least it’d be warm at home, you know, summery. But it’s not even wet and warm – it was 12C yesterday.

Should we be building arks? Or skylarks, for those of us who remember Noah and Nelly and fancy its slightly more pyschedelic, less Christian variation on the theme?

Still, I guess with all this rain it means I’m staying in and getting a lot done. Er, or not. I joained Facebook, but that’s not exactly a production activity. I can convince myself it’ll be good for work-related social networking, but that’s yet to be proven.


Went to the funeral of a friend’s father on Friday. I hadn’t been to that church (the beautiful St Cross Hospital, the chapel of a lay brotherhood who live in a place that resemembles a monastery but ain’t) since the wedding of some friends the best part of a decade ago. Both were mid summer, both involved torrential downpours. It was a good funeral, if you can say such a thing. My friend Dom gave a moving reading (“Death is nothing at all” by Henry Scott Holland, a former Canon of St Pauls Cathedral. Read it here), which, oddly, the priest giving the service then disagreed with as the launching point for his sermon. But from my non-Christian point of view it was an appealing reading as, rather than focussing on God, it focussed on the family and how they could deal with the loss of a loved one.

Afterwards, we attended the wake. I kept thinking I shouldn’t be smiling, I should be more sombre, but despite circumstances, it was very nice to catch up with Dom, and several other old friends. There’s no two ways about it, funerals and wakes are social occasions. The family benefit from the distraction from their sorrows provided by family and friends, while said family and friends enjoy the communion with one-another.


One Response to “Floods and a funeral”

  1. Claire Says:


    A rainy Friday funeral- ooohhh sounds perfect too the ‘soulgirl’ part of me, as it always rains at funerals which are always held on Fridays. And that beautiful reading on such an occasion makes you smile from deep inside your heart, alongside the happy hearts of the dearly departed, whom I now believe are never too far away from such socials held in their honour. You were right in your final thoughts.

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