Guy Watson for PM

June 25, 2007

Well, Gordon Brown has finally taken over from the increasingly deranged Tony Blair, who will presumably now be dedicating this time to achieving a sainthood or somesuch (he’s already reportedly sequeing from self-righteous Catholic church-attendee to actual fully signed up member of the Catholic church. There’s talk of him becoming some sort of peace envoy to the Middle East – perhaps he can do it with a Vatican sanction, and spend the entire time on his knees by way of penance for getting us – and the people suffering with terrible immediacy in the actual warzone- into this mess in the first place).

Anyway, that was an aside.

Brown’s acceptance speech was profoundly un-reassuring. At a time when every political decision needs to taken within the framework of environmental considerations, all he could provide was hollow rhetoric. And more rhetoric. And barely a mention of environmental issues. Blather about being “the party of change” and utterly empty, useless utterance the party I lead must have more than a set of policies – we must have a soul.”

Sure he said some things that people will have wanted to hear (such as insisting a new New Labour under him will listen to people more, “To those who feel the political system doesn’t listen and doesn’t care” etc etc. Which I would hope, after Blair totally and utterly ignored the hundreds of thousands of us on those anti-war marches before the Iraqnam tragedy kicked off). You can read his speech in full here.

We are living at a time when every political decision needs to be taken within the framework of the environmental crisis unfolding around us. Not to be too hyperbolic, but if you stop and listen with a clear head, managed to read between the lines of spin and obfuscation, we are living a slow apocalypse. This needs to be acknowledged with (almost) every decision we make, but when I say we, there is that sense that minor decisions we ordinarily proles make about recycling or low energy lightbulbs just aren’t enough. The we that really matter is the politicians (and of course the corporate leaders who have much of the real power) who, in this age when the myth of “democracy” has been truly exposed, are the ones whose decisions count on sufficient scale to possibly, maybe, halt the slow apocalypse. But this will need genuinely radical thinking and, frankly, some revolutionary politics.

What did Brown manage? A weird conflation of rural issues and environmental issues and, yep, rhetoric. “Advancing and protecting the British way of life means taking seriously the stewardship of our environment and countryside, building stronger rural communities. And because it matters that people take personal responsibility themselves, we want all individuals and all businesses to join us and build a shared national purpose to make Britain a world leader in tackling climate change.”

It’s just not enough. What we need is a leader who is realistic, level-headed, bullshit-free and who acknowledges that every facet of modern life has a bearing on our future, our survival of the slow apocalypse of our era. After reading a few of the newsletters that come with the Riverford organic veg boxes, I reckon Guy Watson should be our PM. Just check out this one.

Clear, honest, free of bullshit. This is the sort of person we need in politics. Effectively, he’s a entrepreneur, farmer and greengrocer, but he makes more sense than so many of our so-called elected representatives. And I bet he wouldn’t warmonger, or defend his decisions with mere self-righteousness (yes, you Blair), or engage in dubious relations with millionaire businessness for the sake of his party.

What do you think Mr Watson? Once the Riverford empire is consolidated, how about a move into politics?


2 Responses to “Guy Watson for PM”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    I agree. I’d vote for him. Let’s start a campaign

  2. Of course there’s the slight matter of what Mr Watson feels on the matter…

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