Who’s stolen the summer?

July 6, 2007

Local weather


max: 21°C
min: 12°C

That’s what the Beeb says. It’s not true. Well, the latter temperature probably is, but not that pesky symbol. Where has the sun gone? Or more importanly, where has the summer gone?

Will whoever stole the British summer please return it?

Seriously, we had too much sun last year, with all those hosepipe bans and wotnot. This is nuts. Is this the result of climate change? It’s hard to believe it’s “normal weather”. Will climate change mean our weather is just completely chaotic and random? I mean, it was 12c and pouring the other day, which is also pretty normal weather for December. Are seasons a thing of the past?

The paper had a story about a potential crisis in food production, with many British farmers losing crops to the flooding (alongside all the poor sods who’ve lost their homes and property to flooding). There’s even potato blight, the disease that caused the Great Irish Famine in the 1840s. Of course, we won’t have anything on such a tragic scale as we can import food, but then that’ll probably mean more food air miles, which in turn contributes to the climate change, and round it goes, in ever decreasing circles.

(Oh, and I’m aware it’s somewhat hollow for me to be writing about green concerns after having just done a round-the-world trip on planes. I’m now planning to avoid air travel. I’m not sure I can commit to complete aviation abstinence as George Monbiot advocates, but I do plan to try and travel round Europe on trains – which on the Continent aren’t all a completely farcical rip-off like in Britain. We do plan to explore Europe a bit more to find somewhere that’s suitable for living when the icecaps have completely melted and the slow apocalypse has moved on to its next phase.)


One Response to “Who’s stolen the summer?”

  1. Claire Says:

    If it’s any consolation; Guatemala has continuously poured with rain for weeks now. So much so, that today I stayed in & drank 3 mugs of proper English tea & scoffed a great hunk of moist coconut cake, while reading your entire blog scroll to scroll. Iv now picked up some valuable grammar tips, admired your use of words & oohhhhed at your photos (very jealous of non blurred cenote pic! Genuis fran) It’s been educational as im now fully enlightened too whom Guy Watson is! (Never heard of a ‘flash guru’ before, is he based in Poona!! should soulgirl write about him?)

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