“The internet is now mobile”

August 29, 2007

According to Vodafone, who are presenting this message with a really daft advert involving billions of tiny cogs and things falling from the sky like rain, or something like that. Not only is a it a dumb, crappy advert, and one that gets my weird fiddly object phobia going, its message is also just unutterable bullshit. As per usual, in Britain, we continue to get ripped off when it comes to mobile phones and internet access (compared to most other European countries, where such things are more reasonably priced and reliable).

Anyway, as I wrote earlier, Phones 4 U are criminals – and incompetent and misleading. I truly regret getting a new phone contract through them. I negotiated what I thought was a reasonable deal, with 120MB of downloads a month inclusive so I could check my email and browse a bit.

Phones 4 U, as well as handing on my personal date so an affiliated organisation could steal money from my bank account, also neglected to tell Vodafone this 120MB was inclusive in my tariff. I then got a bill for Vodafone for £231. TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE QUID for a monthly mobile bill. Anyone who knows me will confirm I really don’t like to chat on the phone or even text much, so this was horrifying. Of course, I found out the error, but I’m still horrified to learn than, despite what Phones 4 U told me, 120MB a month apparently isn’t that much for so-called mobile internet, as I exceeded it. How I don’t know, and Vodafone, despite how nice they call centre staff might be, can’t really give me an answer. Even recalculated, they’re telling me I’ve used 190MB – how in the name of all that’s holy? How, when just checking emails and browsing a wee bit. It’s not like I was download huge applications onto my phone. It’s madness.

So, caveat emptor – the internet isn’t now truly mobile, not unless you’re prepared to pay through your nose for the pleasure of checking tiny emails. How all those Blackberry users do it I don’t know. Presumably most of them have phones on business accounts. Or they’re just rich and don’t fuss about £200 a month for a mobile bill. Someone, somewhere is really raking it in.


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