When I say “my” pics, I really mean “our” pics as Fran is a more ardent snapper.

Either way, check them out here on Flickr.


One Response to “My photos on Flickr”

  1. Rach Says:

    Hi guys

    So lovely to see photeees of you both, both looking beautiful and brown and chilled. Wow! V envious…getting excited about you guys arriving here. When do you think that will be? What do you want to do on New Year? I was thinking we’d just hang around Manly, couple of people are having a party/barbie or we could walk up to North Head to see the fire works. It’ll be pretty hectic and tacky in parts of Manly but hopefully we can avoid that and just have some good food and bubbles and watch some fireworks and just have a really chilled one. Thin it’s best not to travel anywhere cos getting home is just hell-ish….there’s a party at a bar/club later but Dan it might be your idea of hell (packed out etc)…should i get us all tickets or not? When do you think you’ll get here?

    Fran – how are you feeling?

    Lots of love


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