Facebook etiquette

August 22, 2007

Is still doing my head in somewhat. I’ve got two friend requests sitting in my inbox – one from an old friend who I haven’t had any contact with for about two years after we slowly fell out, one from the brother of a childhood friend (who I had a really falling out with).

In the case of the former, if our friendship is poised to recover, wouldn’t it be more credible if the first moves came in the form of more concrete communications, like an email or a phone call? Facebook is so fluid and frequently vapid, it seems an odd place to try and rebuild a friendship.

As for the second, that’s just weird. Sure, he recognised my name, and I knew him a bit when I was 10 and he was 7 or something, but it’s just too random, too disconnected. I prefer my Facebook to be built around real life friendships.

Not that I use Facebook much anyone – its main function just seem to be time wasting, through its innumerable add-on apps. Some of them are fun and cute, but really, what is the point of comparing your character traits in such a half-arsed, rudimentary fashion? Or playing some funny little version of Scrabble? Some would say it’s part of modern friendship to share these activities, but personally I’d rather than an email or discuss some specific subject on a forum. Rather than just footle about with these apps.

The best function I’ve found for it so far is putting up an old family photo – which then elicited an amazed reaction from friends about how much I look like my father in the pic (in it, he’s a few years younger than I am now) .

Facebook schmacebook.

And yet I can’t quite bring myself to delete my account.


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